Plant Health Care

Lady BugsOur plant health care services are positioned ahead of industry aspirations. For many years the tree care industry has struggled to develop a quick method for diagnosing, recommending, gaining authorization and then scheduling an effective treatment in time to prevent continued damage noticed by you. This has lead to many environmentally unsound practices of “general insect and disease treatments”, killing beneficial insects that would have taken care of many issues without treatments.Just like human medicine, treatments should be specifically targeted to address certain issue affecting the certain species of tree. They will be much more effective and less invasive if properly prescribed and applied. The entire landscape should be monitored for overall health so problems can be detected early enough to counter their negative impacts.

Healthy plants produce “allelochemicals” or chemical substances which among other functions protect them from natural enemies. Many of these self produced insect toxins are the same insect toxins scientists use to create the insecticides. Environmental stresses surrounding and affecting the plant is often times the problem pushing the plant into “severe stress”. Once the plant has entered the “severe stress” category, most allelochemicals stop being produced naturally. Insect or disease treatments alone don’t treat the cause. This is only a short term fix for a currently identified sign.

Proper Scout Program – all inclusive protection

Tree Fertilization

Tree Fertilization

Proper Tree Care has developed a unique approach to plant health care. Our approach allows us to quickly

  • identify property conditions and concerns
  • diagnosis
  • perform targeted treatments
  • Communicate everything to you in a “Scout Report” and summary

This is the “Proper Scout program”. No wasted time discussing the situation. Our directions from you are determined from the start of this program. Then, we just protect your property, with the least invasive method possible, at each visit scheduled at various intervals. These visits are throughout the growing season and based upon the needs of your trees and insect life cycles for effective control.

We provide environmentally sensitive protection using many available methods. Some of our more common treatment methods include;

  • Soil applications
  • Kioritz injections
  • Beneficial organism introductions
  • Cold water
  • Horticultural oils and soaps
  • Soil drenches
  • Nutrient Management
  • Certain spray applications as required.

The true key to success on any property is to keep plants healthy and don’t wipe out the beneficial insects. Let’s set up a custom plan and approach for you today.

Specialty Treatments

In some cases, a simple targeted approach may be required for a heavy infestation or unique problem. We will certainly honor these requests, provided it is the appropriate treatment time to control the problem. Some of our specialty treatments include:

For additional information regarding plant health care, visit our industry association International Society of Arboriculture.

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