Invasive Plants / Invasive Species

Northern Virginia Developers, Maryland Developers, and Developers in Wasington DC are all faced with many tree preservation plans that require invasive plant species removal. The purpose of this is to encourage a beneficial tree canopy coverage within the developments being built. Proper Tree Care puts alot of energy into learning invasive plant removal processes.

What Exactly is an Invasive Plant?

An Invasive plant is typically defined as a plant species that has the potential to interfere with agricultural production or cause damage to natural ecosystems.

Below is a list of invasive plant species we put together for Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.

Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC Invasive Plants

Invasive Plant List
Asian Bush HoneysucklesLesser Celandine
Burning Bush,WintercreeperMultiflora Rose
Giant HogweedNorway Maple
Golden BambooOriental Bittersweet
Invasive PhragmitesPorcelain-Berry
Japanese Angelica TreeReed Canarygrass
Japanese HoneysuckleTree of Heaven
Japanese Stilt-GrassWhite Mulberry
Japanese Virgin’s BowerWineberry
Johnson GrassYellow Flag

Expanded Invasive List

Virginia Invasive Plant List
Maryland Invasive Plants Aquatic
Maryland Invasive Plants Land
Washington DC Invasive Plant List

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