Preservation Planning

Planning and Design Phase

Preservation and Planning

Preservation and Planning

Proper Tree Care has years of experience in Tree Preservation on sites ranging from individual estates and custom homes to planned residential communities, historic sites, and golf courses. Our success in managing these projects comes from our ability to become a trusted member of the development team and our comprehensive understanding of the development processes.

We use all the same design tools employed by engineering firms, including CAD, GIS, and GPS technology to facilitate communication and plan development in an efficient, well documented manner. Our plans are frequently cited by local jurisdictions as examples of how tree preservation ought to be included as part of the design and approval process. Our historic relationships with many jurisdictions and public employees throughout the Washington, DC area frequently proves invaluable in facilitating plan approval. Our involvement with local building industry groups and national associations that develop and review new regulations and standards helps insure that we are familiar with the most current standards and practices in the industry.

Services offered to help developers and home builders through the tree preservation process include:

  • Resource Evaluations
  • Tree Inventories
  • Specimen, Heritage, And Monarch Tree Evaluations
  • Tree Preservation Plans
  • Forest Type Maps
  • Existing Vegetation Maps
  • Natural Resource Inventories
  • Forest Stand Delineations
  • Reforestation Plans
  • Afforestation Plans
  • Historic Landscape and Tree Preservation
  • Forest Conservation Plans
  • Tree Hazard Evaluations
  • Key Tree Assessments
  • Root Exploration
  • Forest Management Plans
  • Plan Consultation
  • Specification Preparation
  • Expert Testimony Streetscape planting consultation
  • Streetscape planting consultation
  • Structural planting consultation
  • Large tree relocation
  • Damage Appraisal
  • Hazard Evaluations
  • Tree and plant value appraisal
  • Golf course planning
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Damage and Condemnation Appraisal
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