Proper Tree Scouting

Proper Tree Care has developed a unique approach to plant health care. Our approach allows us to quickly

  • identify property conditions and concerns
  • diagnosis
  • perform targeted treatments
  • Communicate everything to you in a “Scout Report” and summary

This is the “Proper Scout program”. No wasted time discussing the situation. Our directions from you are determined from the start of this program. Then, we just protect your property, with the least invasive method possible, at each visit scheduled at various intervals. These visits are throughout the growing season and based upon the needs of your trees and insect life cycles for effective control.

We provide environmentally sensitive protection using many available methods. Some of our more common treatment methods include;

  • Soil applications
  • Kioritz injections
  • Beneficial organism introductions
  • Cold water
  • Horticultural oils and soaps
  • Soil drenches
  • Nutrient Management
  • Certain spray applications as required.

The true key to success on any property is to keep plants healthy and don’t wipe out the beneficial insects. Let’s set up a custom plan and approach for you today.